Minnesota CUs Get Closer To State Capitol

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Minnesota's credit unions have been told to prepare for a 2006 legislative session that will likely be "short, sweet and get out of Dodge.'"

That's what the state's credit union representatives were told by Rep. Joe Atkins, a fourth-term legislator and member of the Minnesota House Commerce Committee, at a legislative roundtable hosted by the Minnesota Credit Union Network.

Rep. Atkins joined two freshmen members of the House Commerce Committee, Reps. Tina Liebling and Diane Loeffler, who answered questions and addressed a group of 19, including constituents from both districts.

Rep. Liebling agreed, saying that people are tired of politics that seem little more than "distraction and destruction." As a new member, she said that she learned a lot during the 2005 legislative session. "We depend on folks like you to help us understand, and I look forward to knowing more about credit unions."

Separately, the Minnesota Credit Union Network (MnCUN) hosted an open house for Minnesota credit unions at its new offices. More than 100 people toured the new facility, which is in downtown St. Paul and is now located directly across the freeway from the state Capitol. MnCUN held an official ribbon-cutting ceremony with city, state and credit union dignitaries. Participants included MnCUN CEO Kevin Chandler, Chairman Bill Raker; Larry Dowell, President of the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce; and Commissioner Glenn Wilson and Deputy Commissioner Kevin Murphy of the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

"This is a fabulous location and I'm happy to see credit unions find it as appealing as we do. The strategic benefits of having offices this close to the Capitol are immeasurable," Chandler said. "This sends an unmistakable message that credit unions are big players and are here to stay."

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