Mitek Launches Mobile Bill Pay

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SAN DIEGO – Mitek Systems, one of the pioneers of mobile banking and mobile remote deposit, has introduced a new service that will allow users to pay bills electronically over their smartphones and other mobile devices.

Mobile Photo Bill Pay app will allow users to submit electronic payments by simply taking pictures of their bills. Mitek's Mobile Photo Bill Pay will do the rest -- correct image distortion, read relevant data and process the transactions through the users' credit union or bank.

The app eliminates the hassle of users setting up information for individual payee accounts because Mitek technology extracts the data from the photo image and automatically provides it to the financial institution's bill-processing system in the required format; users need to photograph their bills only once and payee information is automatically saved in the application's vendor list for future use; and the app is template free, which provides a superior customer experience for the user and low cost of ownership for the bank thanks to Mitek's dynamic data-capture capabilities. A template-free platform supports a wide range of bill formats, making it a turnkey solution for credit unions and banks.

Mitek has applied for a patent on image-related processes performed by Mobile Photo Bill Pay.

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