More Than 50 Attend MEMBERS' Workshop

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More than 50 credit union executives and CUNA Mutual MEMBERS Financial Services managers attended a two-day workshop here to discuss member investment and insurance need trends and craft member investment strategies for 2004.

The discussion was conducted under the auspices of CUNA Mutual's MEMBERS Financial Services Programs.

The two-day, workshop was led by Phil Buchanan, executive vice president of Cannon Financial Institute, Inc., a consulting firm that provides information and education to the world's top wealth advisors. Cannon students include employees of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (regulator of national banks), state regulatory agencies, and major vendors of the trust industry.

"The goals for the graduates of this workshop are to increase program revenue while saving soft dollar costs," said Buchanan. "This is accomplished through reaching the right clients with the right talent set and products. To this end, the manager must manage the process and the activities of their employees. Coaching to competency and confidence is where today's program managers and their sales managers differentiate themselves from the pack."

Credit union executives in attendance learned how to work with their MEMBERS Financial Services representative to gain additional business from their existing members. They also develop strategies to develop new business.

Instruction included ways to identify skills that are needed in a rep; generate and manage program growth; help reps work with current members to gain additional business, and help reps use specific criteria to segment their current book of business.

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