Museum Honors CU Sponsor

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - (10/20/04) -- Aviation buffs can sit in the firstflight simulator used by Trans World Airlines in 1943, or enjoy thetraditional uniforms worn by the defunct airline's stewardesses, atthe new TWA Museum--courtesy of Community America CU. CommunityAmerica, the airlines' credit union until TWA's demise three yearsago, was among those sponsoring the new museum opened Tuesday atthe KCI Expo Center in downtown Kansas City. The credit unionprovided a $10,000 grant to get the museum off the ground, whilethe expo center provided the space for the exhibit.CommunityAmerica CU was chartered in 1940 to serve employees of TWAand has since branched out to serve over 150 select group andvarious communities, including the entire state ofKansas.

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