National Group Eyes Media Help For DFCUMembers

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DEARBORN, Mich. - (03/10/06)-- The newly formed National Center forMember Trust is working on a plan to assist DFCU Owners United, thegroup opposing DFCU Financial CU's bid to become a bank, inspreading the word about the value of credit unions. Thegroup¡¦s leader, Bucky Sebastian, president of GTE FCUin Tampa, said he expects to provide assistance to theMichigan-based group within the next 10 days. 'We might be able tohelp them with some pieces in the media, billboards, ads in thenewspaper,' Sebastian told The Credit Union Journal. Sebastian. Hesaid the national group, formed last week at CUNA's GAC has raised$260,000 which they plan to use to promote the value of the creditunion charter. 'This is hopefully a permanent, ongoing effort tokeep the value of the credit union charter in front of the Americanpeople, in front of Congress, bankers, members and the generalpublic,' said Sebastian.

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