National Guardsmen Get Break On ATMFees

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RALEIGH, N.C. - (05/14/04) -- State Employees CU is waiving allATM network fees for members who are deployed as members of theNational Guard. All 11,700 North Carolina National Guardsmen areeligible for SECU membership and the credit union has maintained along-standing relationship with the military branch. National Guardunits have been notified of the benefit via an e-mail from theNational Guard Director of Public Affairs. To take advantage of thefee waiver, each actively deployed Guardsman must send an e-mail toa specially designated SECU account with a statement requesting theexemption, along with his or her specific ATM cardholderinformation. Upon receipt of the e-mail, the credit union willprocess the waiver request to take effect immediately. A member ofthe PLUS network, SECU said fees are typically 35 cents or 75 centsper transaction, and are assessed when SECU members use an ATMother than Cash Points, the ATM network owned by State EmployeesCU.

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