NCR Unveils 'Push' MarketingSolution

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DAYTON, Ohio - (06/03/05) -- NCR Corp. said it has introduced anew custom marketing solution that creates new possibilities forcredit unions and other businesses to deliver personalizede-messaging that is relevant to each member's/customer's individualneeds. Customer Power 5.0 enables e-marketers to draw from multipledatabases to individualize the offer to each customer, deliver itacross multiple channels and fine-tune the message based on thelive customer response. The data can be drawn directly from a widevariety of online or offline databases and customer interactionpoints including ATMs, retail checkouts, Web sites, customer callcenters, bank branches and kiosks. Advance analytics are thenapplied to facilitate customer insight, giving businesses theinformation they need to personalize their offer to each customer'sindividual needs and wants. The resulting message can then bedelivered in a coordinated manner across multiple customercommunication channels. The customer's reaction can be trackedautomatically and the offer further customized to reflect thatresponse.

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