NCUA Secretary Baker Announces Retirement

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Becky Baker, the long-time secretary to the NCUA Board, has announced she is retiring from the federal regulatory agency at the end of this month.

Baker has been a mainstay at NCUA for the past two decades, working tirelessly to help direct the board's activities.

One former NCUA Board member said she had the toughest job at the agency, working through the egos of the various Board members.

The soft-spoken Baker could always be seen at monthly NCUA Board meetings by the side of the three-member panel, making sure the minutes of the proceedings were recorded properly.

She will be succeeded by Mary Rupp, a 17-year veteran of NCUA who has worked in the office of general counsel.

Rupp is also a familiar figure, having shaped policy by helping to write regulations, among other things.

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