Need An Excuse To Miss Work? Try These

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How many reasons can workers cite for being out of the office? Apparently the list is endless, according to anew survey from AccounTemps, the temporary staffing company. Here's a look at how the executives replied when asked, "What are the most unusual reasons you have heard for why employees request time off?"

* "I need time to find myself."

* "My cat has hairballs."

* "The pool is broken."

* "I'm going to jail."

* "My garage door is broken."

* "I need three weeks off to travel Europe. Starting tomorrow."

* "I'm taking three days off to sing in the opera."

* "I'm going to be in a kick-boxing contest."

* "Our church is having a bus trip."

* "My partner and I need to practice for the square-dancing contest in town today."

There are some explanations employees should use only if they're accompanied by a letter of resignation:

* "I'm taking a few days off to start my own business."

* "I'll be out this afternoon on job interviews."

* "I need a leave of absence to try another job. But if it doesn't work out I'd like to come back."

* "I just got a new tattoo and need a few days to recover."

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