New Identity Theft LawEnacted

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HARRISBURG, Pa. - (01/06/06) – Governor Edward Rendell signedinto law tough new requirements on identity theft notification. The‘Breach of Personal Information Notification Act’ saysa state agency, political subdivision, individual or business thatoperates in Pennsylvania and maintains, stores or manages personalconsumer information on computer, must notify people if theirsecurity systems are breached. Personal information is defined asan individual's name; social security number; driver's license, orstate-issued I.D., number; or a financial account number.Notification of the breach may be made in writing, by telephone,via email, or by a combination of email, posting on the entity'swebsite, or notification to statewide media where the cost ofproviding notice is in excess of $100,000 and would affect at least175,000 people. Notification may be delayed if a law enforcementagency decides it will impede their investigation. Also, when anentity provides notification to more than 1,000 people at once, thebill provides that national consumer credit reporting agencies willalso be notified.

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