New Nigerian Money ScamEmerges

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SAN BENITO, Texas - (03/01/05) -- Authorities are warning creditunions and banks of the latest in a growing list of so-calledNigerian money scams, involving immigrants of current residentsform that west African country. A local man, identified as AurelioFred Silva, 51, cashed at least eight counterfeit U.S. PostalService money orders worth more than $7,600 at the online requestof a man identified as Dr. Paul Daniel of Lagos, Nigeria. Silvatold police he agreed to cash the money orders at Harlingen AreaTeachers CU for the Nigerian and then wire the cash to him in hopehe would later receive a $1 million payment. Credit union employeesrealized the money orders were fakes and called police when Silvacame in last Friday to cash two more worth $2,000.

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