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Bethpage Park To Be Home Of Ducks

BETHPAGE, N.Y.-Suffolk County has agreed to a deal with Bethpage FCU for naming rights to the home ballpark of minor league team the Long Island Ducks. The deal calls for Bethpage to pay $2.1 million through 2020 to rename the 6,000-seat stadium Bethpage Ballpark.


CUs Do Well In Consumer Poll

NEW YORK-A new survey found 88% of CU and small bank users say they're satisfied with the service they receive; just 1% of CU members reported dissatisfaction. The 2010 Bank & Credit Union Satisfaction Survey, released by Prime Performance, found customers at the biggest banks are less likely to be satisfied. The nation's three largest banks-Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo-all scored below the average overall satisfaction level among customers (77%), with Chase at the very bottom (67%). In the survey, 7% of CU members and 8% of small bank customers said they were likely to switch banks over the next 12 months.


Prohibition Orders Issued

ALEXANDRIA-NCUA has issued prohibition orders against Carol Aranjo, a former employee of D. Edward Wells FCU, Springfield, Mass., who was convicted of conspiracy, embezzlement, false tax return, bank fraud, false entries and Obstruction of Examination. Aranjo was sentenced to 54 months imprisonment, and ordered to pay $1.4 million in restitution. Also issued a prohibition order was Donna Kay Gainer, a former employee of Tinker FCU, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, who was convicted of embezzlement. Gainer was sentenced to five years supervised release, and ordered to pay $32,789.71 in restitution.


CEO Sentenced To Year In Jail

DENVER-Stanley B. Roberson has been sentenced to one year in jail after being found in contempt of a court order. Roberson is CEO of Her Majesty's Credit Union, a U.S. Virgin Island company with a servicing office in Denver. The Colorado Securities Commission said that Roberson had failed to produce documents pursuant to a lawful subpoena issued to him as part of its investigation of HMCU, which had been soliciting certificates of deposits at above-market rates. It is not chartered by the CSC or by NCUA.


A Lesson For Europeans In Lobbying

BRUSSELS, Belgium-CU reps from seven European countries were given advice on political lobbying as part of the World Council of Credit Unions' European Network of Credit Unions. Nearly 50 CU representatives met with legislators at the European Parliament here Wednesday. "The primary purpose of the visits was to introduce credit unions to parliament representatives unfamiliar with them and lay the groundwork for ensuring favorable legislation for credit unions," WOCCU said.

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