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* Six credit unions in two states discuss whey they feel they must pursue mergers. -Page 13

* Founders FCU shares how it made the most of the "Spanish Revolution" in his community by reaching out to the Spanish speaking population. -Page 14

* Andrews FCU explains how it has been selective when choosing which communities to expand into. -Page 16

* Why one credit union has taken member feedback to the next level, creating a "Member Advocate" position. -Page 16

* How one credit union was able to avoid having to merge by crafting an expansion program that didn't alienate its existing field of membership. -page 16

* Credit unions and banks put differences aside to team up on a plan to help low-income people in New York. -Page 18

* The California CU League and Wescorp co-hosted the "2005 Credit Union Summit," which featured U.S. Rep Ed Royce (R-CA). -Page 18

*Credit union have been a constant target of tough competition from other regulated depositories, and nothing makes that more clear than the declining market growth over the last few years. -Page 20

* Washington Watch looks at the latest Utah bank attack, the future of CULAC, and how two senators' battles with cancer could have a major impact on the bankruptcy reform bill. -Page 22

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