Not All Mobile Devices Are Created Equal

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UNIVERSAL CITY, Texas-Not all mobile devices are created equal, which is why "device-agnostic" mobile deposit capture didn't work for RBFCU, suggested Mary O'Rourke, VP-electronic services, Randolph-Brooks FCU (RBFCU).

The CU spent more than six months on the project with the goal of accepting image replacement documents, not just pictures with information that would have to be manually entered into the deposit system and processed via ACH. "Testing results were inconsistent, and the phone instructions were hard to follow. The steps for device-agnostic deposit are clunky. "When you don't have a native deposit application, you have to rely on the various features of the mobile device to make the deposit. So, you have to take a picture of the front of the check with the device camera, and then you have to e-mail the picture with the device email application. Then, you have to repeat the process with the back of the check. If the check image is bad, the member doesn't know until they receive an e-mail reply, and then they only have a few minutes to resubmit the check." Not all devices offer secure e-mail, and check pictures often remained on the user's device, whereas the pictures are never stored in the iPhone and Android deposit applications, said O'Rourke.

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