NYSCUL Exec On TV Programs; League Fights Bullet-Resistant Glass Bill

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Amy Kramer, director of Governmental Affairs for the New York State Credit Union League, was interviewed by Sen. George D. Maziarz (R-Niagara) for his Legislative Update Show, which airs at various times on Lockport Community Television, Channel 22.

During the 15-minute discussion, which can also be viewed by visiting the Senator's web site at www.senatormaziarz.com and choosing the Legislative Update Show link, Kramer talked about the credit union difference, how they operate, the advantages of credit union membership, as well as legislative issues affecting New York credit unions.

Kramer also recently shared the benefits of credit unions for Senator Bryon W. Brown's (D-Buffalo) televised legislative report to his constituents.

Separately, New York's credit unions are objecting to a bill that would require financial institutions to install bullet-resistant glass to help protect employees from harm during a robbery. The New York league said that among credit union objections are its belief that bullet-resistant glass may not increase safety in credit unions' operating area for their members and staff; that employees may get a false sense of security when behind such glass; that when employees are inaccessible the risk rises that robbers will take members as hostages, and that the costs of such security can be as high as $7,500 per teller window. The bill is being sponsored by Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan (D-Queens).

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