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Bid Made To Salvage Ailing Bankruptcy Bill

WASHINGTON-The House overwhelmingly voted to attach the controversial bankruptcy reform bill to a separate bill reauthorizing Chapter 12, farm bankruptcies, in a desperate bid to finally move the credit union-backed bill. But the measure is in for tough sledding once it gets to the Senate, where no backers have indicated a willingness to join the prospects of the two bills. Democratic opponents tried in vain to kill the effort during Wednesday's debate. "You're playing Russian Roulette with this bill," charged Rep. Melvin Watts, D-N.C., who worried the presence of the means-based bankruptcy bill could doom the effort to reauthorize the farm bankruptcy chapter. Democratic opponents of the bill are expected to try to block a House-Senate conference on the newly joined bill in an effort to defeat the measure.

I-C FCU Helping To Plan Homeless Shelter

FITCHBURG, Mass.-I-C FCU is organizing a community fund to help shelter the homeless and supply heat to the needy. Plans call for the fund to reimburse local energy providers for services provided. So far, the U.S. Marines, St. Camillus Church and several local businesses and residents have donated to the fund. All branches of the $300-million credit union are collecting donations for the fund.

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