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'Botnet' Hackers Found

FOSTER CITY, Calif.-Online security experts have discovered two large 'botnets,' or Internet robots, they say are hacking into online shopping accounts and stealing credit card numbers, account information and log-in passwords.

The botnets were discovered by researchers at FaceTime Security Labs here based on an anonymous tip by one reformed hacker, and referred to authorities.

Officials at FaceTime Security said the botnets were planted by seeding Trojan horses via instant messaging networks.

When recipients of the IM click on the embedded link the botnets are secretly installed on the recipient's computer.

One botnet, called 'Carder,' is used to download data off of e-commerce shopping cart applications and can download credit card information, including user names, passwords and PINs.

NCUA Warns On Bird Flu

ALEXANDRIA, Va.-NCUA called on all CUs Wednesday to make disaster response preparations in the event of a U.S. outbreak of the bird flu pandemic, currently threatening certain areas in Asia.

"Credit unions and their service providers supply essential financial services and, as such, should consider their preparedness and response strategy for a potential pandemic," said NCUA Chairman JoAnn Johnson in a letter to CUs.

Among the issues that should be reviewed are infection control in the workplace; contingency plans for maintaining operations; allowing employees to work from home if health officials advise against non-essential travel; and developing partnerships with other financial service providers.

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