Oregon CUs Set Fundraising Record, Proclaim 'Unity'

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The Oregon Credit Union Association (OCUA) said that in 2003 the state's credit unions have set new fundraising records for political action. More than $23,200 with 1,240 individuals participating from 35 credit unions, the Credit Union Association of Oregon (CUAO), and CUNA Mutual has been received. The original goal was to raise $18,000.

Separately, the CUAO board has approved an official Statement of Unity demonstrating Oregon's "commitment to a united front." "With bank attacks on the rise, and the possible threat of credit union taxation, CUAO's board of directors recognize the value of each individual credit union, and want to draw on their strength to unite together for the good of the credit union movement," the CUAO said. Statement of Unity principles include 1) Every Oregonian has the right to have access to credit union membership; 2) Every chartered credit union abides by the cooperative principles; 3) A member-owned cooperative structure justifies a credit union's federal or state income tax exemption, and 4) Unity is strength.

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