OSI Announces New Channel Management Center

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Open Solutions Inc., a provider of integrated enabling data processing technologies, has announced the general availability of the Channel Management Center (CMC), a suite of applications and services designed to facilitate the building and processing of interfaces between disparate systems. "The CMC is designed to act as a translator between core, business and delivery systems, as well as a financial institution's partners' systems and online data sources, providing true, real-time third-party to third-party interaction," the company said. "The key to unlocking the true value of this data wealth is knowledge integration-the ability to make current transaction data and detailed customer relationship management (CRM) information an integral part of daily workflows and business processes, across all your delivery platforms. The Channel Management Center acts as an information gateway for system-to-system interactions."

The Channel Management Center is designed to centralize the collection and movement of information throughout the financial institution, while delivering scalability, maximum flexibility and eliminating the need for multiple types of "middleware" servers.

For info: www.opensolutions.com.

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