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In addition to its "Advantage Advance" program, 1st Advantage FCU has rolled out two other programs it says are designed to "help members get on the path to financial success, or stay on track when challenges arise." The programs include:

* "Credit Score Builder," a program for anyone who wants to raise their credit score through smart money and credit management. Upon successful completion of a class presented by a Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) counselor, borrowers receive a certificate that, when taken to a credit bureau, will become part of their permanent file. After six months from the original loan date, the member can then request to have the credit union re-evaluate their credit report. If there is enough improvement, 1st Advantage will lower their interest rate on the loan accordingly.

* "Fuel Assistance Program" is designed to help members of modest means with their home heating or air conditioning costs. This low-interest, revolving line of credit is available for qualified members to help them pay their utility bills.

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