Packers Earn Gift Basket For Wisconsin CU Foundation’s Financial Literacy Efforts

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PEWAUKEE, Wis. – When the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl Championship last night, the Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Wisconsin CU Association, became the recipient of a Pennsylvania-themed gift basket from the Pennsylvania CU Foundation.

The two states said their “friendly wager” ensured that the true winner will be financial literacy. Both state foundations have pledged to use their gift basket in an auction to raise funds for their respective programs. The Pennsylvania CU Foundation works to advance financial literacy in the workplace and in schools, and the Wisconsin CU Foundation provides free to all public high schools a magazine and online resources that help teens achieve state teaching standards for sound money management.

“The history of Pennsylvania credit unions and the Steelers mirror one another,” said PCUA Board Chair and season ticket holder Ray Brunner before the game. “Both were officially formed in 1933 with roots in representing hard-working Americans. Each has also demonstrated that success comes through team work. Following tough early days during World Wars, merger of the AFL-NFL and business pressures, the Steelers are an elite NFL franchise. Likewise, credit unions throughout the decades have had to face down fierce competitors and overcome outside pressures.”

“The Packers, like all credit unions, are unique in that they are community-owned-not-for-profits,” countered Wisconsin CU Foundation Chair Carol Adler. “The Packers are owned by the fans – they are the only team in the NFL that can make that claim. So it is no wonder the Packers boast some of the most loyal and enthusiastic fans anywhere. America’s 90 million credit union members are just as enthusiastic about the financial institution they own. But when it comes to football, one thing is certain – more of them are rooting for ‘America’s team’ - and that is the Packers.”


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