Passfaces Puts A Face To OnlineAuthentication

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. - (02/14/06) -- Passfaces Corp., a British-Americanstart-up, has introduced a cognometric online authentication systemthat requires credit union and bank customers to remember a seriesof faces before they can sign on to their accounts. Passfaces asksusers to remember a series of faces in a collection of mugshots--as many as nine series or as few as three. Users pick theirassigned 'secret' face from each set to gain access to a securesystem or Web site. Retention rates are very high because peopletend to recognize a familiar face, even if they forget the namethat goes with it. The Pass faces Financial 3.0 adds a JavaScriptclient interface that extends the use of Pass faces to all webbrowsers without requiring any user download or softwareinstallation. This enables easy deployment to all users viadesktops, laptops, kiosks and smart phones such as the Palm Treo.The cognometric system complies with new federal standards formulti-factor authentication for all online transactions byyear-end.

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