Pay By Touch At TheSupermarket

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CHARLESTON, S.C. - (02/08/05) -- Piggly Wiggly supermarkets said itis expanding its pilot fingerprint scanning program to allowconsumers at all of its supermarkets to pay by fingerprintscanning. Piggly Wiggly will implement the Pay By Touch biometricpayment systems in all check-out lanes to allow shoppers to pay fortheir groceries. The process allows shoppers to scan their finger,enter a search code, and add checking account information to createa Pay By Touch eWallet, which will be accessed at the check-outline. Customers will simply scan their finger and select theirpreferred payment method, eliminating the need for cash, cards orchecks. The system eliminates the need to present checks and IDs,credit, debit, membership or loyalty cards at the point ofsale.

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