Penn. CUL Seeking Items From State's History

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Visitors of the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association might be baffled to be greeted at the entrance by walls lined with custom-designed trophy cases

That's only because they're still empty.

PCUA officials expect to fill those cases with unique historical items that represent the state CU system's 70-year old heritage.

"We've put out an appeal to all credit unions in the state for nostalgic items that are uniquely Pennsylvania and uniquely credit unions," said SVP Mike Wishnow. "If they have items with current logos on them, great. If they have items with old logos on them, even better."

The items are expected to become part of the association's new Pennsylvania Credit Union Memorabilia Room, located at the newly-designed entrance of PCUA's headquarters in Harrisburg.

Wishnow said the room-part of an old mansion facing the city's river-once served as a guest parlor. The mansion itself has been home to PCUA since its inception in early 1952, but has been expanded and remodeled several times to accommodate growth.

"Many people will walk through there to get to the association side of the building," he said. "Rather than make it a conference room, we decided to turn it into something special."

Among the items he hopes to fill the shelves are old passbooks, publications such as annual reports and newsletters, posters, commemorative gifts like mugs and other glassware and other corporate seals.

"We want anything that honors a credit union's roots," he said, noting that three items have already been collected.

"We have this really neat nostalgic, commemorative plate with a painted picture of the credit union on it," he said. It was part of NET Federal Credit Union's 35th annual meeting in 1977, Wishnow said. "And it comes with a stand for display."

Service 1st Credit Union is Danville sent two mugs, one that bears its current logo, the other, it's old moniker-Geissenger Credit Union.

"Frankly, we anticipate that we will get a great response," Wishnow said.

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