Pennsylvania's McCormack Tries Again OnSuper Bowl Bet

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HARRISBURG, Pa. - (01/31/06) -- Pennsylvania CU AssociationPresident Jim McCormack, who lost a bet on last year's Super Bowl,has doubled up this year and is wagering 50 pounds of Hershey'schocolate, made in nearby Hershey, Pa., on his state's PittsburghSteelers in Sunday's big game. McCormack made the wager with JohnAnnaloro, president of the Washington CU League, who bet a case ofRiesling wine form Washington's wine country, that his team, theSeattle Seahawks, will come out on top in Super Bowl XL. "Ourcredit unions are poised for a Sweet victory with the Seahawks.Beyond winning the chocolate, we will premier our new credit uniondifference ad during the Super Bowl," said Annaloro. "Pennsylvaniais proud to be represented in the second consecutive Super Bowlgame, and this looks to be the year for the Steelers and aPennsylvania win," said McCormack. McCormack lost last year's SuperBowl bet on his state's Philadelphia Eagles, requiring him to paythe Massachusetts/New Hampshire/Rhode Island league's Dan EaganPhilly Cheesestake sandwiches and Tasteycakes, after the NewEngland Patriots won their third NFL Championship in threeyears.

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