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CEFCU, Peoria, Ill., named Terry Bitner member center cash operations manager, Scot Haines Northpoint member center manager, Mike Janes Internet services project manager, Michael Stilling Valley Park member center cash operations manager, Terry Turner airport member center manager, and Carol Wallace Pioneer Park member center cash operations manager.

The Colorado Credit Union System, Arvada, Colo., elected to its board: Chuck Mabry, chairman; Charles Emmer, vice chairman; Michael A. Williams, treasurer; Steve Pearson, secretary; Eva Gaudion, Mark Cummins, Douglas A. Ferraro, Carla hedrick, C. Michael Litzau, William C. Sterner, and Dan Kester. Andrea Landes and Stanley Provenza were inducted into the Colorado Credit Union Hall of Fame. Gloria Chavez received the outstanding professional of the year award, Donna Serrano received the significant accomplishment award, and Joseph Alsvary was recognized for earning the CCUE designation.

The Michigan Credit Union Foundation, Marquette, Mich., honored Yvonne Dorais with the credit union community volunteer award.

Municipal Credit Union, New York City, elected to its board: Dominic Morelli, chair; Willie James, 1st vice chair; Malachy T. Higgins, 2nd vice chair; Anna Mae Massy, 3rd vice chair; James McKeon, treasurer; Shirley Jenkins, secretary; C. Richard Wagner, assistant treasurer; Anne m. Garfield, assistant secretary; Louise DeBow, Rubolph H. Clarence, Thomas E. Diana, and William Porter. Karen Lucas was elected to its supervisory committee.

Workers Credit Union, Fitchburg, Mass., elected to it board: John S. Ford, chairman, Marina M. Raher, vice chairman, Wilho J. Myllymaki, Anthony T. Safka, and T. Francis Wada.

Post Office Credit Union of Maryland, Baltimore, Md., elected to its board: Thomas J. Lafond, chairman; Ronald W. Bailey, 1st vice chairman; Christopher T. Garrity, 2nd vice chairman, David A. Brignac, treasurer; Walter D. Hepner, secretary; Charles A. Brackett, Fred Driver, Michael E. Jankiewicz, Philip A. Yocum, and Anthony J. Baglioni.

U.S. New Mexico Federal Credit Union, Albuquerque, N.M., elected to its board: M. Reese Gateley, chair; John W. Vale, 1st vice chair; Ken Herrera, 2nd vice chair; Tony. J. Gilbert, treasurer; I.L. Sanchez-Davis, secretary; Lee Werner, and Pamelya Herndon. USNMFCU named Nathan Koontz VP of business lending, and Larry Geter VP of branch administration.

United Heritage Credit Union, Austin, Texas, elected to its board: May Lofgreen, chairman; Dale Lyon, vice chairman; and James North, secretary/treasurer.

United Teletech Federal Credit Union, Tinton Falls, N.J., elected to its board: Ruth Ann Kluin, chairman; Cesar Carrero, 1st vice chairman; Michael Hou, 2nd vice chairman; Frank Kudenchak, treasurer; Randall F. Weihs, secretary; Ann C. Weingartner, and Jack Kramer.

Orange County Teachers Federal Credit Union, Anaheim, Calif., elected to its board: Adam O'Connor, chairman; Dr. Arthur Croisette, Lynn April Hartline, and John Didion to its board.

Dort Federal Credit Union, Flint, Mich., elected to its board: Harry Awdish, chairman; Bruce Allan, 1st vice chairman; Dona Stoddard, 2nd vice chairman; Leroy Nesbit, Jr., secretary; Wayne Natzke, treasurer; Rosemary Brown, Diane Coleman, G. Bruce Hardenbrook, and Ben Mata.

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