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Nevada Federal Credit Union, Las Vegas, named Russell Torge vice president of the commercial real estate lending department, Beth Galofaro human resources manager, Dan Duffy financial advisor/consultant in the member investments and insurance service department, Aspen Taylor Ventano real estate marketing representative, and Gloria Phillips-Thompson auditor.

Bayer Federal Credit Union, Elkhart, Ind., announced the chairman appointment of Christine Martin to the Elkart Chamber of Commerce Leadership Academy Steering Council.

Mobiloil Federal Credit Union, Beaumont, Texas, named Debra Boumans internal auditor.

SunCorp Corporate Credit Union, Denver, Colo., announced that Sandra McGill will be serving credit unions as business development officer in the state of Nevada, and Darren Godfrey was appointed to its asset liability committee.

Empire Corporate Federal Credit Union, Albany, N.Y., named Elaine M. Angelo director, organizational development.

Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, Kingstson, N.Y., announced that Judy Hamilton was named Business Honoree of Ulster County.

Memphis Area Teachers' Credit Union, Memphis, Tenn., named Panya Martin Medical Center branch director.

METRO Credit Union, Warren, Mich., named Deidra Williams president and chief executive officer.

Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union, Daleville, Ala., announced that Russell Grigg received a certified internet webmaster and computer technology industry certifications.

Langley Federal Credit Union, Newport News, Va., announced that Robin Fitchett was named the Terry McEachern Internal Auditor of the Year.

First Carolina Corporate Credit Union, Greensboro, N.C., elected to its board: Lee Fogle, chairman; James McDaniel Sr., vice chairman; Anne Shivers, treasurer; Randall Crawford, secretary; Lucille Beckwith; and Steve Harkins.

Ecount,, Conshohocken, Penn., named Ward Schultz chief financial officer.

TWS Systems, Inc., Clearwater, Fla., named Kristina Gerick call center manager.

DigitalMailer, Inc., Herndon, Va., elected Bruce Mancinelli to its board.

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