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2 New Certificates Make Debut

MADISON, Wis.-CUNA Mutual Group has introduced two new MEMBERS Market Index Certificates. The new one-year certificate provides a solution for members seeking maximum earning potential in the short term, but still wanting the flexibility to switch investment strategies if market conditions change, the company said. The seven-year certificate provides a long-term investment that is especially attractive as an IRA investment. The MEMBERS Market Index Certificate has been available in two- and four-year terms since 1994. The MEMBERS Market Index Certificate is an insured credit union certificate that earns dividends based on the increase in the Standard & Poor's 500 Composite Stock Price Index. If the S&P 500 is higher on the day the certificate matures than it was on the day it was established, the member earns a percentage of the increase. If it is lower, no dividends are earned, but the entire deposit is returned in full. For info: and click on "Product Info," or call 800-428-3932.

Bade Forms Alliance Marketing

CHESTERFIELD, Mich.-Heather Bade, who has headed up marketing efforts at CGI Credit Union Solutions (formerly C.U. Processing), has left to form her own marketing consulting services agency called Alliance Marketing. "Alliance Marketing is an agency designed to be a virtual marketing department to credit unions and other organizations," Bade said. Among the first clients is CGI.

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Cornerstone Advisors Is Formed

PHOENIX-Several recognized Phoenix-based banking consultants, have launched Cornerstone Advisors, In. which will specialize in in strategic planning, technology assessments, vendor selection, and process re-engineering for mid- sized banks ($1 billion to $30 billion in assets) and credit unions. Three of the four partners in the new venture were previously with M ONE, Inc.: Steve Williams, Carl Faulkner and Terence Roche. Scott Sommer is president and CEO. The firm said it will continue to publish GonzoBanker and also continue to work with CUES' Techport.

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