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CRI To Offer Online Training

ATLANTA-Creditor Resources, Inc. (CRI) said it has been working with WebEx to deliver additional credit union training online. Interactive training programs, said CRI, act to improve employees' product knowledge, cross-selling techniques, communications skills, and more. The online WebEx presentations allow from one to 10 participants at a time, including the facilitator. CRI's online training via WebEx currently includes three modules for insurance training: Presenting Payment Protection, Identifying Payment Protection Needs, and Addressing Objections. CRI's trainers customize each module based on the credit union's membership profile, underwriting guidelines, and other factors. The training is most effective when the participant uses the web and simultaneously speaks on the telephone with a CRI trainer, the company said.

CUSO Financial, CoreTrac Agree

SAN DIEGO-CUSO Financial Services, L.P., a broker-dealer and investment advisor, said it is entering into a strategic alliance with CoreTrac to offer that company's CRM software to CFS' credit union clients. CoreTrac's ResurceOne CRM solution is built for community financial institutions and tracks product sales, leads, inquiries and referrals, and also assists in cross-sales and the tracking of incentive programs and marketing efforts. It can be used by both credit unions and CUSOs. For more info: 858-530-4410, or

PEMCO Adds Instant Activation

SEATTLE- PEMCO Technology Services has introduced an instant card activation feature. "PEMCO is the first credit, debit, and ATM transaction processor in the United States to offer this cutting-edge capability that allows financial institutions to increase customer service and interchange revenues," the company said.

"Credit unions are always looking for innovative ways to increase member service," said Brad Campbell, PEMCO Sales and Marketing Manager. "With our instant activation feature, the member can walk out the door and start using the card immediately.

Instant issuance also offers the opportunity for credit unions to educate members on how to use the card." PEMCO partnered with Dynamic Solutions International (DSI) to offer this capability.

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