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State National Is Selected

HOUSTON-First Educators Credit Union has selected State National Companies as its new credit life and disability provider. "We are very excited to be working with State National," said Dana Rawlings, Senior VP-lending with FECU. "They have made huge commitments on staff training and incentives as well as marketing the credit life and disability insurance Program. This program definitely adds more value to First Educators Credit Union membership."

Volume Soars At SWCFCU

DALLAS-Southwest Corporate FCU is reporting its check processing volume continues to grow and was up 2.5% during 2003, when it processed nearly 360 million checks. That figure was up from the 349 million checks Southwest Corporate processed in 2002. Southwest Corporate also had its highest volume month ever, when it processed nearly 34 million checks during December. SWCFCU said it offset the decline in overall check volume by adding 22 new users during 2003 to bring its total to 547.

Penn. Endorses John M. Floyd

HARRISBURG, Penn.-The Pennsylvania Credit Union Association (PCUA) has signed an agreement with John M. Floyd & Associates, Inc. of Houston naming it as a "Preferred Business Partner" for the JMFA Overdraft PrivilegeSM program.

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CRI Enhances 'Admin eSuite'

ATLANTA-Creditor Resources Inc., a marketer of credit insurance and related technology products, has consolidated its previous technology products for the member claims process, claim payments, policy information processing and other insurance financial transactions into one easy-to-use Internet portal called Admin eSuite. The company said it is now available at no cost to CRI customers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

"Admin eSuite is simple and intuitive, with a cleaner look," said Gayla Thompson, a project manager in Information Technology at CRI.

"New features of Admin eSuite include online premium remittance, enhanced reporting capabilities, plus data exports quickly and accurately to spreadsheets for analysis. These features and others allow credit unions to reduce paper and postage costs, reduce errors associated with manual-intensive transactions and save time," the company said.

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