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Credit Union 24 Makes Payout

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.-Credit Union 24 will pay its network-participating credit unions more than $3-million in cash rewards from October 2003 through September 2004. The $3.1-million payout is a result of Credit Union 24's POS Platinum Rewards Program, which rewards credit unions for their overall relationship with CU24 and their POS transaction volumes in particular.

Rewards are paid based on the network participant's total monthly, Credit Union 24-approved POS transactions. The more combined ATM and POS transactions processed through the Network, the greater the reward. Meanwhile, Credit Union 24 said it has also entered into an agreement with transaction processor Lynk Systems, Inc., that will more than double CU24's national ATM presence.

The direct processing agreement signed today will allow CU24 member credit unions access to more than 65,000 ATMs across the country. The agreement will allow Atlanta-based Lynk access to the Credit Union 24 cardbase of more than 10-million cardholders at credit unions across the country.

'Drive At Five' Program Is Free

ALBANY, N.Y.-MemberTrade Advisory Services, LLC, a wholly-owned CUSO of Empire Corporate FCU, is introducing a "Drive at Five" program. The program allows all credit union callers to obtain daily market data conveniently from their office phone or cell phone-the credit union does not have to be a client of MemberTrade Advisory Services to take advantage of this free service. Callers will hear a succinct recorded summary of the day's important market events. The CUSO is an SEC-licensed investment advisor that has clients in multiple states.

For info: 888-277-9537

CUDL Into Hawaii, Pennsylvania

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif.-CU Direct Corp., administrator of the Credit Union Direct Lending system, has expanded into Pennsylvania and Hawaii. In Pennsylvania, Erie Federal Credit Union (Erie FCU) has already gone live on the CUDL platform with Erie General Electric Federal Credit Union expected to follow suit shortly. In Hawaii, University of Hawaii CU, Pearl Harbor CU, Kauai Community CU and Hawaii Central CU have gone on the CUDL platform. Altogether, the six credit unions represent approximately 140,000 members.

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