PSCU Operating From Headquarters AfterMoving To Back-up Site

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - (08/17/04) PSCU Financial Services is back up andrunning at its offices after shutting down here in anticipation ofHurricane Charley's arrival and moving operations, including phonecalls, to its back-up facility in Phoenix. After the storm passedto the south and then west of its facilities, PSCUFS restarted itscard processing operations in St. Petersburg at 8 a.m. Saturday,Aug. 14. Chief Marketing Officer Brian Crawford credited thecompany's Business Continuation Plan, which by coincidence just twoweeks earlier it had announced was now tested and in place.Crawford said PSCUFS has been in touch with client credit unions inthe Orlando area, but had been unable to reach some of them. "A lotof work has gone into this plan over the past 15 months," saidCrawford. PSCUFS is owned by more than 500 credit unionsrepresenting eight-million credit/debit cardholders.

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