Radio Spots To Air In California AndNevada

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RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. - (01/10/04) -- The California/Nevada CU leagues areplanning to launch statewide radio advocacy ads in both states onJan. 19, and print ads next month, part of the $6 million marketingcampaign approved by members in November. The ads will tout thegeneral benefits of credit unions, for both members andnon-members, by the benchmark of better rates and service thatbanks must match, according to Henry Kertman, spokesman for theleagues. "The goal is to demonstrate a much broader support forcredit unions," Kertman told The Credit Union Journal. About 10% ofthe ads, currently being developed by ad firm Foote, Cone &Belding, will be in Spanish, he said. The campaign will focus onradio and print because of the high-cost of TV spots in California,among the most expensive media markets in the country.

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