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I heard during a recent conference that online security measures involving cookies have a one or two-year lifespan at best? Is this true?

Jim Berthelsen, Harland Financial Solutions

Online security measures that use cookies as a component will definitely be replaced by other means such as fobs or tokens.

It is difficult to predict the timeframe that this will take place. That doesn't mean that cookies will not continue to be used as part of the World Wide Web for some things, such as telling a web server a specific zip code to see the weather in that area.

Cookies just won't be used to authenticate a user or, more specifically, the user's computer. Regulators are still working to define the levels of security that they intend to require.

The key is to utilize current security measures that your system supports today. Often, by fully deploying currently available security you can be better positioned to thwart fraudsters.

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