Readers Can Obtain Copies Of ROA SpecialReport

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - (07/27/06)-- In response to numerous readerrequests, credit unions now have the opportunity to order reprintsof the special report on credit union ROA entitled, 'The Big MarginSqueeze,' which appeared in the July 10 issue. Ideal fordistribution in board packets, this comprehensive, insightfulreport includes views from nearly 20 analysts, in addition to threecase studies, on what the decline in ROA means for credit unionsand what can be done about it. Permission to make copies with a PDFprepared file is available at a discounted rate: 1-50 copies-$100;up to 250 copies-$500 (customizations available at full rate).Please note that these rates are only applicable for this article.For info: please contact Charlton Sanabria at (212) 803-8377 orcharlton.

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