Reality TV Winner Seeks To 'Survive' TaxCharges

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. - (01/25/06) -- Richard Hatch, the $1 million winnerof the hit television show Survivor, rebutted claims in court thisweek that he evaded taxes on his jackpot winnings and misusedcharitable contributions for his own purposes. Hatch testified hethought that CBS was going to pay the taxes on the $1 million prizeand that he did not intentionally misuse the charitable donations.Hatch said he took a $25,000 check made out to his charity HorizonBound, to People's CU, after his bank refused it because it did nothave his name on it. The credit union subsequently deposited the$25,000 check after someone typed in his name next to HorizonBound, Hatch testified. But a credit union teller testified thatshe knew Hatch from TV when he drove up to the drive thru windowthat day. She said she remembers when he handed her the check itwas already made out to Horizon Bound and Hatch, allowing thecredit union to deposit it. Prosecutors charged that Hatch misusedthe charitable donation and others for his personal use. Hatch saidimprovements he made to his property were for the benefit ofHorizon Bound, which was set up to run wilderness trips fortroubled youths. Hatch acknowledged that Horizon Bound never ranany trips, and said he sold the house in 2002 for more than$862,000.

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