Red Cross, CUs, Step Into FEMABreach

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NEW ORLEANS - (09/12/05) -- The American Red Cross sought tostep in Sunday with financial relief for victims of HurricaneKatrina in the place of a major failure by the Federal EmergencyManagement Agency to get much-needed cash-like assistance tohurricane survivors. The Red Cross launched a toll-free number toget cash to hundreds of thousands of hurricane victims who havelost their homes or suffered other major losses. Under the newsystem, the Red Cross is issuing cash vouchers, checks and storedvalue cards to the neediest victims who can take them to a creditunion or bank and obtain cash. The financial assistance is beingprovided to the hardest hit ZIP codes, with a family of foureligible for up to $1,300 right away. Victims must provide theirname, pre-storm address, ZIP code and home telephone number.Assistance is being provided based on the costs of necessities,like food, toiletries and other essentials.

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