Robber Killed In FailedJail-Break

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PITTSBURGH, Pa. - (01/16/06) – A dangerous credit union robberwho was recaptured in 2004 after a dramatic man-hunt, fell to hisdeath last week trying to escape from the Allegheny County Jail.The body of Franklin Sebetich, 58, who was sentenced to 20 years inprison for the 1979 armed robbery at Cal-Ed CU, was found earlyThursday morning outside the prison wall, where he had fallen 16stories. Sebetich broke through a security window, pushed out ametal screen, and pried off a metal bar in his cell, authoritiessaid. Prison officials found a rope fashioned from sheets andinmate uniforms in his cell. In 1984 Sebeticj was convicted ofhelping two other armed men rob Cal Ed CU. Following the robbery,Sebetich fired several shots from a handgun out of a speedingpickup truck during a 22-mile chase. Sebetich, who had a longcriminal record, was released from prison in 2003, then ran afoulof the law again when police tried to arrest him for a homeinvasion. He led them on a two-day chase that ended when they usedtear gas to flush him out of an abandoned coal mine.

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