Robber Objects To Restitution Order

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MILFORD, Conn. – A man convicted of robbing Sikorksi Financial CU at his sentencing Friday objected to having to make restitution of more than $10,000, claiming the state law compelling his guilty plea should not entail a restitution.

Eric Lapenna, 33, said that because he entered his guilty plea under the Alford Doctrine he is not admitting guilt, “and I shouldn't have to pay because I didn't do it” Defendants pleading under the Alford Doctrine concede that the state has enough evidence to win a conviction at trial.

Lapenna, who was extradited from Florida where he had fled, was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Lapenna had a previous robbery conviction and had violated his probation in an earlier case. He was sentenced as a persistent violent offender.

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