Robbery Spree Ends At CU

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MEDINA, Ohio - (06/08/060 – Two violent suspects, believedto be responsible for a March series of robberies in which storeemployees were pistol-whipped and duct-taped, confessed to theirroles in a failed heist at GenFed CU in Akron, which was the end ofthe road for them. The suspects, Bryon Turner, of Marietta, Ga.,and Carlos Washington, of Akron, were part of a seven-man ringaccused of 10 robberies, mostly video game stores, before they werecaptured as they were preparing to rob the credit union.That’s when one of the employees saw a ring member casing thecredit union and called police, who pulled over the suspects’car and found handguns and a collection of robbery tools. Turnerand Washington were sentenced to three-year prison sentences fortheir roles and agreed to testify against their accomplices. Fiveother suspects in the ring have also been charged.

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