Robbery Suspect Left Knife With DNAEvidence

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JACKSON, Mich. - (10/08/04) -- Prosecutors told a state courtThursday that even though the suspect in last December armedrobbery at Jackson-City CU wore rubber gloves he left behind aknife with DNA tying the weapon to defendant Dequan Hall.Testifying in his own defense, Hall, a 25-year-old Detroit native,swore he wasn't in Jackson the day of the robbery and charged thatwitnesses claiming that he was lied under police pressure. A keywitness testified that Hal bragged to him about robbing the creditunion and going on a spending spree in Detroit. Police say Hall wasthe man who entered the credit union wearing a black hood over hishead and a bandana to hide his face, but forgot to bring a bag,requiring him to leave behind thousands of dollars he might havestolen otherwise. The thief did make off with $14,725 thatday.

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