Romanians Charged In International CardsSkimming Ring

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LAS VEGAS - (03/07/06) -- The FBI raided a house here lastWednesday and arrested two more Romania immigrants in connectionwith an international credit/debit card skimming scheme. Six otherRomanian nationals were also charged in New York and New Jersey inconnection with the ring and were being transported to Las Vegas toanswer the charges, according to the U.S. Attorney's office. TheRomanian gang apparently used skimmers attached to thepoint-of-sale to steal card information and PINs, then manufacturesas many as 600 counterfeit each day to withdraw cash or makepurchases, according to the FBI. The ring used the phony cards towithdraw cash at casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, accordingto a criminal complaint obtained by The Credit Union Journal. Thesophisticated ring would only charge a few hundred dollars on eachcard, then throw it away to avoid suspicion. Those charged were:Stefan Naghiu, Marius Ciurea, Dumitru Niculescu, Vasile Tiganescu,Leta Remus, Valentin Gane, Roberto Popa, Marius Morea and DanielVaida. The latest arrests follow those of five other Romaniannationals in California in January who were charged with skimmingcard information at an Arco gas station, then using the informationto make phony cards and withdrawing cash and area casinos. Amongthe victims were members of: The Golden 1 CU, SAFE CU, Travis CU,Technology CU, San Mateo CU, Sierra Central CU, Star One CU, ValleyCU, Sacramento CU and Navy FCU and several major banks.

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