Schools Financial CU Implements PassMarkTwo-Factor System

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. - (04/11/06) -- Schools Financial CU said Monday ithas agreed to implement PassMark Security's Two-Factor Two-Wayonline authentication system for Internet banking. Members of the$1.2 billion credit union will enroll in the new security system byselecting a unique image and creating a personal, descriptive labelfor it. From then on they will see that image and descriptivephrase -- their PassMark -- when logging into online banking. Aslong as they see their PassMark, members can be assured that theyare at the credit union's web site and it is safe to enter theirpassword. Additionally, PassMark adds other layers of securityincluding two-factor authentication -- a combination of computersystem identification and pre-defined secret answers that furtherstrengthen login authentication. The PassMark solution will beintegrated with the credit union's Symitar core processing andonline banking system from Jack Henry & Associates.

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