SmartMetric Has The Touch For CardSecurity

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NEW YORK - (06/20/06) -- SmartMetric Inc. said Monday it hasintroduced the world's first practical and affordable payment cardwith onboard fingerprint scanner. The card eliminates the need formanual data entry in all kinds of web-based financial transactionsby allowing the user to simply slide the card through a USB cardreader, then touch the fingerprint scanner into the card's surface.The card automatically matches the impression with the digitalfingerprint signature stored on the card. Once the identity of theuser is authenticated, the payment is authorized. A digitalsignature of the user's fingerprint is stored on the card bytouching the card's sensor. Each time the card is to be used, theperson activates the card by touching the scanner. The card can beused as a virtual ATM, enabling credit unions and banks to safelytransfer funds over the Internet onto debit cards.

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