South Carolina FCU ATM Withstands Assault By Blowtorch

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SUMMERVILLE, S.C. – A suspect tried but failed to break his way into a South Carolina FCU ATM early Monday morning with a handheld blowtorch, leaving the machine intact but with some $3,000 in damage.

Police discovered five burn holes on the exterior of the ATM when they arrived Monday, but all of the cash still there. The burn marks were located on the plastic access door lock and on the combination lock. The suspect was able to melt the plastic around the lock of the access door, but did not breech the steel safe door.

Credit unions officials said there is a temperature alarm on the ATM, but a small blowtorch most likely would not raise the temperature enough to set off the alarm.

A contractor who replenishes cash at the ATM discovered the damage Monday morning. Police are reviewing the surveillance video from the incident.


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