Southern CUs Brace For Flooding

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MAYERSVILLE, Miss.-Sometimes there are advantages to being small — like during a disaster.

Clarence Hall, Jr., CEO of the $1.2-million Issaquena County FCU, said he would just move the credit union — at least its furnishings, equipment, and data — out of harm's way if the waters of the Mississippi River reach his small building.

"I will just move my stuff out of my location; move my files and computers," he said.

Hall said he was not panicking due to the massive flooding along the Mississippi that was heading through his state at press time, despite flood levels reported higher than he had seen in his 40 years running the credit union.

But due to projections for crests and the strength of the levees, Hall said, he didn't believe he would not have to evacuate for the first tine in his credit union career.

That was similar to reports received from the Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana leagues, which stated at press time that no credit unions were expected to be in jeopardy. But the Mississippi league said there were some minor concerns for Issaquena County FCU, so it would be keeping an eye on that CU but didn't expect any CU to have to shut due to flooding.

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