Spectacular Cash Heist Comes To AnEnd

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LAS VEGAS - (11/01/05) -- A former armored truck driver hasturned herself in after 12 years on the run and confessed to the1993 theft at a Las Vegas casino of $2.9 million that was headedfor Bank of America and Nevada FCU. In exchange, Heather Tallchief,33, hopes for a lenient prison sentence, authorities said Monday.Tallchief successfully fled the U.S. after the heist with herboyfriend and accomplice, living under aliases while hiding away inEurope. But she tired of the chase and gave herself up toauthorities in Las Vegas on September 5. She was the driver of theLoomis Armored truck on Oct. 1, 1993 who dropped off two otherguards for a cash run at the Circus, Circus casino, thendisappeared. The truck was carrying more than $3 million in cash;$2.4 million of it headed for Bank of America and about $500,000for Nevada FCU, according to documents reviewed by The Credit UnionJournal. Police said Tallchief drove to a nearby garage where sheand her boyfriend, Roberto Solis, split up the cash. The two loversthen fled the country. Solis is still a fugitive and Tallchief toldauthorities she doesn't know where he or the money is. Tallchieftold authorities she was an impressionable 21-year-old who had beenbrainwashed by Solis into getting a job at the armored car companyand committing the heist. As part of a plea agreement, Tallchiefhas agreed to pay $2.9 million in restitution. She is reported tobe negotiating a book or a movie deal.

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