‘Speed-Racer’ Nabbed ByStander-by

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ELLICOTT City, Md. - (06/12/06) – A suspected bank and creditunion robber nicknamed ‘Speed Racer’ for his fleetnessof foot, was no match for a 240-pound restaurant owner who tackledhim and held him long enough for police to arrive after a localbank robbery in the Baltimore suburb last Wednesday. Police thinkthe capture of Luvine Summers, Jr., 30, will clear as man as adozen bank robberies in three counties. The robbery suspect wasdubbed Speed Racer in May last year after a suspect bySummers’ description robbed a Johns Hopkins FCU branch inBaltimore, then an American bank branch in Ellicott City 15 minuteslater. Summers was collared when Joe Mannarelli, 35, and owner ofSerafino’s Italian restaurant, saw a man in a constructionsuit jogging past his restaurant window with a red dye packexploding in the backpack. Mannarelli ran to the door and yelled‘stop,’ then gave chase when the suspect kept running.The 5-foot-9 Mannarelli chased the suspect a few blocks into anearby apartment complex, then jumped him when the alleged robberslowed for traffic.

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