Stolen CU Loot Finances ShoppingSpree

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INDIANAPOLIS - (06/26/06) – A local man accused of robbingForum CU of as much as $250,000 last week used the money in thedays immediately afterwards to put a down payment on a Cadilac, buta flat screen TV, bedroom furniture and other luxury items. Butpolice are still searching for mote than $200,000 allegedly stolenby William Beeler. The 44-year-old suspect was warrested Thursdayin the 1997 Cadilac Deville authorities said he bought hours afterhe bound employess at the credit union and emptied out the tellerdrawers and the vault. Authorities recovered the car, the TV, a DVDplayer and $1,2000 cash during a search of Beeler’s homeafter his arrest. They also found receipts for furniture and otheritems he had bought but had not yet been delivered.

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