Suit Filed In Calif. Over Leases, ATM Fees

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Several lawyers have filed lawsuits accusing Bank of America Corp. and Wells Fargo & Co. have improperly collected sales tax at the end of automobile leases, and further alleging that Bank of America has not been adequately disclosing certain fees at its ATMs.

The suits, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, seek certification as class actions representing customers throughout the state. Unspecified damages are being sought. The ATM-related litigation notes that BofA's ATMs do display notices saying "fee may apply" when customers order statements, but state law requires notice of the actual fees, which are $3 for a complete statement and $1 for an abbreviated version. The auto lease litigation argues that state law requires leasing companies to charge state and local sales tax on regular lease payments, but not on costs "incurred in disposing of the leased property at expiration or earlier termination of the lease."

The suits were filed by Pasadena lawyers Tina B. Nieves and Hector Gancedo.

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